About us

Since its inception, few years separate Human Appeal International (HAI) from its silver jubilee. It is a seed planted in the fertile soil of the United Arab Emirates resulted in abundant goodness ears; each of these embraces endless grains of charity. Its ears of goodness have grown to proliferate in the globe benefitting the needy without any prejudice or discrimination. HAI efforts have been reflected in an orphan’s smile, a tear of happiness of a widow, an expression of delight on an elderly face. In this tireless march, HAI became a torch that inflames the future, resuscitates the hopes of the needy and made the dreams come true; owing to God’s blessings and the efforts of the benevolents and their passion for doing goodness.

Believing in our sacred religion dictations in relation to our humanitarian duty and following the steps of our young country leaders who have implanted the passion of doing charity in their sons, HAI has drawn an evident vision that is: “towards a pioneering charitable work that serves our humanitarian mission and honorable values”.

Bearing in mind that HAI is a humanitarian charitable worldwide non-governmental organization, it seeks to improve the circumstances of the needy through a comprehensive sustainable development. Its progress is based on: its principles, coping with the technical developments, looking towards excellence and leadership.

Through its activities and executed projects, HAI tries to meet the following goals:

  • Improving needy societies through working on developing its educational, health, social, economic circumstances.
  • Contributing in the relief of the affected communities by natural disasters and social calamities. 
  • Meeting the needs of orphans and improving their health, psychological and social circumstances.
  • Strengthening the relations and ties between HAI and its rivals to find out the latest systems adopted by the nations in this field of work.

HAI has recorded an honorable presence in the field of charitable and humanitarian work locally, regionally and globally. To illustrate, it enjoys an advisory status in the economic council at the United Nations and Permanent membership in the World Islamic Council for advocacy and relief; besides being an observer in the Governors’ Board of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD); as well as being a Member of international Council of Voluntary Organizations (ICVA). To add, it has signed various agreements and memorandums of understanding with international organizations such as: UNICEF, World Health Organization (WHO) and the High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

Adopting transparency approach and criteria of quality applied by HAI in all types of implemented projects, various international organizations adhered to praise its efforts and to enter into cooperation agreements and partnerships concerning various vital plans; such as: Office of the UN High Commissioner Refugees (UNHCR), World Health Organization (WHO), UN World Food Program (WFP), and Doctors without Borders (MSF).

HAI tireless march is teemed with evident achievements that cannot be limited in these counted lines. However, the smile that we have drawn on the faces of ten million of beneficiaries out of our scattered shiny projects worldwide will remain the undeniable evidence of the previously mentioned