Comprehensive care for orphans

What does HAI mean by orphans’ comprehensive care?

HAI comprehensive care prevails the orphans as well as their mothers concerning all life aspects; they are being supported though a staff of specialized social supervisors.

Health care

It is provided through the comprehensive health inspection for orphans besides lectures of awareness directed to their mothers. To add, various sport programs and urgent health aid were designed.

Cultural and educational care

HAI follows the orphan level in his/her school. In relation to this, it organizes necessary tuition and educational courses such as: computer, English language and literacy courses …etc. 

Social care

This type of care is manifested in several activities; such as: visiting orphans in their homes, goal oriented entertainment trips as well as visiting orphans in times of private occasions.

Distinguished orphans’ care

Orphans with distinguished abilities are being registered in special clubs besides being supported with all requirements for practicing their cultural, artistic, educational, sporting hobbies.

Small projects

What about the program of small projects?

An orphan’s family is being granted a microloan to be repaid during two years. The aim is to help the family in achieving self sufficiency; some details about the project are the following:

What is the project aim?

Our aim is to achieve self-sufficiency for orphans; in addition to self dependence in work and making living.

What are HAI achievements in this respect?

It has executed more than 450 projects during 2008 financed with more than a million and a half of Arab Emirati Dirham.

How can I support small projects?

You can provide your help by depositing any amount in the account of small projects or by financing a complete project; bearing in mind that the loans delivered to the orphans do not exceed in its maximum 7500 AED.

What are the possible kinds of small projects?

Craft projects:

  • Dairy industry
  • Repairing electric sets.
  • Handmade works
  • Sewing and embroidery

Commercial projects:

  • Selling clothes
  • Phones accessories
  • Grocery
  • A wheel for transferring water

Agricultural projects:

  • Milky cows
  • Sheep
  • Poultry breeding
  • Bee keeping