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Distribution of food parcels

Supplying abstinent families with food parcels including essential food stuffs suiting the country where it is distributed; the parcel is sufficient to feed a five-member family for a week (AED 200)

February 07 2011

Break fasting (Iftar)

Break-fasting project is one of HAI seasonally arranged projects through which more than 500 thousand meals are distributed annually inside and outside the UAE. In addition, HAI organizes break fasting banquets in both Mecca and Al Aqsa mosque yard; by virtue of this activity, more than 80 thousand meals were distributed. It is worth mentioning that the project is of great appeal for its profound...

November 07 2010

Sacrifice (Udhiya)

Bring joy and happiness to the hearts of the needy during Al Eid so as to gain the Lord’s award. Human Appeal International will sacrifice for you and distribute it on the poor in compliance to the sacrifice provisions… you have only to pay 500 AED inside UAE 350 AED Outside UAE .

March 11 2010

Comprehensive development for a village

Gasma is a village where HAI executed a comprehensive development plan in support for its inhabitants who experience tough circumstances. Therefore, it established an economic unit including: a lending fund for productive projects, a chariot, cows and a mill besides establishing a health unit and a classroom.

January 07 2011

Surrogate Pilgrimage (Hajj Albadal)

You have a deceased dear whose financial status did not help him/her to fulfill the pilgrimage duty. We provide you with someone who performs the duty instead. Just …pay 2500 AED.

January 11 2010

Fast breaking alms (zakat Al Fitr)

Taking in consideration the growing poverty amongst the needy besides HAI interest to backup abstinents financially and in-kind, it arranges for fast breaking alms (zakat Al Fitr) project that is included in its important annually- organized programs. A plan has been lied out to prepare for and execute this project bearing in mind the steadily growing budget allocations. This is an indication of...

July 11 2010

Heating in winter

Providing families with materials and sets needed for heating in places of severe coldness. Moreover, HAI supplied coal, heating fuel or heating sets required to create a warm atmosphere in winter.

January 07 2011

Al- Aqsa break fasting

Considering Al-Aqsa status in the hearts of Muslims besides respecting the fasting people there, HAI has put forward a special plan called "Al- Aqsa break fasting". Through providing break fasting meals in Al Aqsa yards, HAI brings its eminent goals to reality. This can be viewed the most by raising joy on the faces of the fasting people in the sacred places where their numbers increase notably...

July 11 2010

Canned sacrifice (canned Udhiya)

Ready and nutritious as it is healthy canned food. It is provided to more than 50 thousand of the needy in all HAI work fields.

March 11 2010

Running a health campaign

HAI team has arranged for campaigns such as the free medical day. This activity has been conducted in distant areas in cooperation with health establishments as well as the bodies of the local community where poor families reside. The healthy convoy that was steered to isolated areas which lack such services comprised a medical team equipped with all medical requirements, medicine and...

January 07 2011

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