Chair of HAI board of trustees: Muhammad bin Rashid inspires us concerning voluntary work and charity

H.H sheikh Muhammad bin Abdullah, the chair of HAI board of trustees, has praised the voluntary international platform that has been launched by H.H sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid Al-Maktum, vice president Prime Minister Dubai ruler, which will be an effective support for the national initiative “Year of Giving”. Actually, it reflects the course of the wise leadership that targets more than 200 thousand AED whether Emiratis of living in Emirates. In addition, he noted that launching the platform from Emirates addressing the whole Arab and Islamic world is a clear message about the Emirati vision and mission which is briefed, in this concern, in enhancing the sense of social solidarity and voluntary work in a way that creates a future culture of giving. And today, history records this noble message sent by ab inspiring leader, H.H sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid Al-Maktum, the leader and the idol for the upcoming generations of the Arab and Islamic worlds. 

Date Published : June 20 2017

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