Following being a voluntary at the national platform for voluntary work: Muhammad Al-Nuaimi: the platform practically manifests the values of voluntary work as a pillar for social solidarity that is one of the Emirati national priorities

H.H sheikh Muhammad bin Abdullah Al-Nuaimi, the chair of HAI board of trustees, registered in the national platform for voluntary work following the announcement made by H.H sheikh Khalifah bin Zaid Al-Nahyan to consider 2017 as the Year of Giving that preceded the announcement of H.H sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid Al-Maktum to launch the voluntary platform. 

The chair of HAI board of trustees has made clear directions to the executive managers as well as all HAI employees to register in the platform that aims at proliferating and enhancing sense of social responsibility and to find a comprehensive and sustainable system for voluntary work.

He said also that the platform practically manifests the deeply rooted Emirati values of cooperation, social solidarity and voluntary work that are Emirati national priorities as well.

He has also noted that the platform plays a crucial role in strengthening the agreed values of the Year of Giving besides being a reflection to the national and humanitarian policy of the veteran leadership.

Date Published : June 19 2017

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