HAI approves 154 projects in more than nine states with a budget that exceeds two million and hundred and sixty thousand AED

Muhammad Al-Nuaimi: HAI will undertake all possible procedures to provide for all the needs of the targeted sectors inside UAE and outside UAE through its external offices in relation to all fields. HAI has approved work in 154 projects in nine different states around the world while the budget of these plans mounted AED 2, 162, 1933 during the first quarter of the current year.

H.H sheikh Muhammad bin Abdullah Al-Nuaimi, the chair of HAI board of trustees, has clarified that the projects that targets needy social sectors outside UAE prevail various life aspects including: health, education and social affairs. To illustrate, he announced that 35 projects related to social development mounted AED 1434345. These projects included: income-generating plans, food distribution, establishing mosques, supporting orphan-girls in marriage and charitable bread plan that affected needy families in Jordan, Lebanon as well as thousands of Syrian refugee families. The offered social assistance also includes providing warmth during winter especially where needy families suffer severely cold weather in Bosnia, Jordan, Lebanon, Kyrgyz; HAI team distributed fuel for heating, heavy blankets, winter clothes for children and women.  To add, special are was given to hundreds of Syrian refugee families in Jordan and Lebanon.

Concerning the health program, H.H, the chair of HAI board of trustees, indicated that HAI is keen to put an end to diseases transmitted via polluted water especially poor families residing in Africa and Asia. Hence, HAI worked on offering clean water resources through drilling 116 wells in Senegal, Niger, India, Indonesia and Kyrgyz costing AED 675238. Moreover, HAI has executed a medical campaign focusing on children in Bosnia, hundreds of children suffering sight problems received required medical check and medical glasses when required.

In the context of its exerted efforts to support education, H.H sheikh Muhammad bin Abdullah Al-Nuaimi noted that HAI has ascribed AED 46696 to establish an educational center in Sudan to help memorize Quran in addition to other plans that supports students worldwide via its outside offices.

The plan of orphans’ sponsorship is considered one of the most distinctive plans that HAI executes in various countries. H.H sheikh Al-Nuaimi said that this project offers a comprehensive care including: education, health, social amongst other especially entailed services to secure orphans’ future social integration.

He clarified that HAI’s especially tailored plans for orphans are distinct also on world level where HAI is interested in qualifying orphans to be good citizens. He has also noted that HAI is currently sponsoring more than sixty orphans in UAE as well as other Arab and Islamic states.

Above all, he confirmed that HAI will pursue its exerted efforts to support all needy social sectors inside and outside UAE through its scattered offices.

Date Published : June 20 2017

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