HAI has embarked on the plan of distributing fitr Zakah, money Zakah and dressing amongst the deserving inside and outside UAE with a budget mounted AED 7,000,000

HAI has started the plan of Zakah distribution amongst the deserving families including: fitr Zakah and money Zakah (Alms) as well as dressing the targeted beneficiaries with Eid cloths. The campaign that mounted 7 million AED has been carried out inside and outside the UAE. This plan is an integral part of the previously launched campaign (Seeds of Goodness) and targets abstinent families as well as families raising orphans besides families suffer limited income sources.

H.H sheikh Muhammad bin Abdullah Al-Nuaimi, the chair of HAI board of trustees, explained that AED 5 million as money Zakah (Alms) is to be distributed amongst 5 thousand families while Fitr Zakah mounted to a million and five hundred thousand AED is to be distributed amongst seven thousand needy families who suffer limited income sources while HAI ascribed five hundred thousand AED to provide for Eid dressing plan.

H.H has also noted that the list of benefitting countries from HAI Ramadan projects includes: Jordan, Palestine, Sudan, Lebanon, Bosnia, India, Senegal, Niger, Kyrgyz, Indonesia, Somalia as well as Syrian refugees who took a refuge in Jordan and Lebanon. The total budget of the plan there is two millions and seven hundred thousand AED.

H.H sheikh Muhammad bin Abdullah Al-Nuami stressed that HAI has also commenced the activities of distributing 140 thousand AED as money Zakah (alms) amongst 483 families living outside the UAE; similarly, HAI has also ascribed 410 thousand AED to dress more than three thousand persons living at various Arab and Islamic states. He added that HAI has taken into consideration, during projects execution, to focus on needy families including: families raising orphans, families suffer limited income sources as well as the displaced Syrians registered through HAI’s outside offices. 

Date Published : June 21 2017

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