Muhammad Al-Nuaimi inspects HAI Iftar sites and emphasizes the value of voluntary work in conformity to the directions of the veteran leadership taking into consideration that voluntary work is a dignified value in humanity and civilization

 H.H Muhammad bin Abdullah Al-Nuaimi, the chair of HAI board of trustees, has visited various sites where HAI organizes its Iftar banquets during Ramadan.  H.H was accompanied with other members of the board besides other officials in the organization during the inspecting tour that were focused on Ajman where he met some fasting Muslims and listened to their feedback.

Further, he met the supervisors of the event (Iftar) and stressed the need to provide for fasting Muslims’ needs as well as the crucial need to receive all possible comments in a way that improves performance.

H.H the chair of HAI board of trustees met young men who are taking part in HAI currently organized activities during Ramadan. H.H praised their efforts and stressed the importance of such participation as it enhances the value of voluntary social work. This tendency is a clear positive response to the directions of our wise leadership that encourages youth to exert more efforts in the humanitarian field. He added that this participation is urged by the previously launched initiative in cooperation with Ajman Youth Center. The gal of this initiative is communicate effectively with the youth sector and to qualify them for a bright future where they able to be entrepreneurs and good supporters for all types of social activities especially those related to humanitarian work and charity.  

Moreover, he declared that HAI is seeking to execute various programs that shed more light on the deeply rooted traits of Emirati voluntary tendency. This is reflected through establishing partnerships with all interested private and public bodies. This policy is inspired by the diverse initiatives that have been launched recently to strengthen the social responsibility of being enrolled in voluntary activities that caters for communities’ prosperity.

It is worth noting that HAI is decided to offer more than six thousand meals daily through Ramadan campaign (Seeds of Charity) inside UAE with a budget mounted two millions and seven hundred thousand AED being executed at thirty six locations including mosques and tents prepared with all requirements to secure the fasting Muslims a comfortable environment.

Further, HAI has ascribed more than seven thousand and five hundred Iftar meals to be distributed amongst the fasting Muslims outside the UAE with a budget mounted three million and five hundred thousand AED 

Date Published : June 20 2017

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