Muhammad AL-Nuaimi launches an urgent campaign to distribute food parcels as well as additional Iftar meals (fast-breaking) amongst more than five hundred abstinent families and orphans’ families in Ajman and near isolated areas

H.H sheikh Muhammad bin Abdullah Al-Nuaimi, the chair of HAI board of trustees, has directed HAI team to undertake an urgent campaign to distribute additional Iftar meals amongst the abstinent families besides families raising orphans. The campaign that has been focused on Ajman and the nearby areas was HAI’s awareness to the impotence of Zaid’s Day for Humanitarian Work in a way that renews the Emirati determination to follow the founder father’s steps on the path of goodness.  This occasion sheds more light on the Emirati trait of generosity being guided by the wise leadership of H.H sheikh Khalifah bin Zaid as well as H.H Muhammad bin Rashid Al-Maktum as their highness, the members of UAE supreme council.

HAI’s different administrations have formed various teams to execute the campaign as soon as possible. Tens of young men and women have participated in the formed teams and were willing to take their part effectively in all HAI activities. This was the fruit of previously launched initiative in cooperation with Ajman Youth Center that is meant to enhance values of voluntary work and social solidarity. 

Further, Abdullah Abdelrahman, the assistant secretary of HAI financial and administrative affairs, clarified that this campaign has been executed in response to the directions of H.H the chair of HAI board of trustees on the occasion of Zaid’s Day for Humanitarian Work targeting the needy at Masfun, Mzairi’ and Al-Hlio.

He added that the campaign will last for 5 days comprising more than five hundred abstinent needy families as well as families raising orphans. 

Date Published : June 19 2017

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