Muhammad Al-Nuaimi meets Youth for Goodness and confirms the importance of volunteering values as a strategy that HAI adopts in conformity to the directions of the veteran leadership

H.H sheikh Muhammad bin Abdullah Al-Nuaimi, the chair of HAI board for trustees, asserted that spreading the culture of voluntary work is one of the most important strategic pillars that HAI fosters during the humanitarian and charitable work. 

In the same context, he has pointed out that HAI is keen to execute several programs that enhances the Emirati inherent values of cooperation and voluntary work the\rough establishing relations with all private and public foundations being inspired by the directions of our wise leadership who sponsored various initiatives that aims basically at strengthening this honourable humanitarian value. 
On the side line of his investigating tour for Iftar locations, he met a group of Youth for Goodness initiative that has been launched in cooperation with Ajman Youth Canter and praised the participation of hundred young man and women in HAI activities. The goal of the initiative is to strengthen the connections with the youth to be prepared to participate effectively in the Emirati great march towards prosperity. 
He addressed the youth saying: you are the true mortgage for our future. Thus, we hope and we work to qualify you to occupy first places worldwide responding to the needs of your beloved country and meeting the trust of your leadership. 
On their side, the youth expressed their delight to meet Sheikh Muhammad bin Abdullah Al-Nuaimi as they felt it as a fatherly meeting including all the discussed topics that confirmed the importance of voluntary work in accordance with the directions of the veteran leadership to exert more humanitarian and charitable efforts. 

Date Published : June 08 2017

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