Muhammad Al-Nuaimi: the generous Zaid will remain an idol to imitate for his great acts that made Emirates a beacon in charity and giving

.H.H sheikh Muhammad bin Abdullah Al-Nuaimi, the chair of HAI board of trustees, has confirmed the Zaid’s Day for Humanitarian Work is an important occasion to contemplate the marvelous acts of the founder father Zaid that pushed Emirates to the first ranks in the field of humanitarian work. 

He added that Zaid’s Day came in harmony with the general spirit that prevails in Ramadan. In fact, values of generosity, that are most evident in Ramadan, are notably linked to his name (Zaid) who were respected by humanity for good fame. Sheikh Muhammad bin Abdullah Al-Nuaimi made it clear that doing goodness was not limited to Emirates and Emiratis. He gave humanity generously; thus, the world was also generous by giving unconditioned love to the humble great leader. Hence, Zaid is a real good idol to follow.

 H.H asserted that all Emirati benevolents are representing this generous country and following the steps of Zaid who passed as a person and left a nation where he implanted values of charity and social solidarity.


Date Published : June 19 2017

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