Creative spaces

Mission of the competition:

To prepare the orphan to decent life besides integrating him/ her in the society by embowering him/ her with the required potentials to build the personality besides interacting with recent times and its challenges; hence they will be able to co-exist with others properly.

Goals of competition:

1- Deviation from the accustomed in the provision of programs oriented for orphans’ sponsorship.

2- Executing distinguished programs in voluntary charity work.

3- Opening the prospects of charitable work; and not to be limited to collecting donations.

4- Upgrading the level of performance, creativity and mastery.

5- Encouraging entrepreneurship and creativity of the child besides developing the spirit of excellence and scientific research.

6- Creating the spirit of fair competition amongst children as well as showing the hidden talents and enriching their knowledge.

7- Investing children’s capacities in fruitful work.

8- Investing time in carefully designed activities.

9- Promoting innovation concepts through gifted and talented discovery.

10- Introducing the orphan to modern skills to be in line with the recent requirements.

11- Enhancing the value of “learning and educating is a societal affair” to attract more institutions to sponsor and interact with the educational competitions.

Target sector:

Orphans aged 8-18 years in the offices of HAI inside and outside the state.

Literary creativity

1- Section I: short pictorial story for children.

Artistic creativity

1- Section I: drawing and collage art competition.

2- Section II: photography.

Vocal- creativity competition

• The most pleasant voice in singing.

Media- creativity competition

• Promising trainer.

Holy Quran award:

Goals of competition:

1- Emphasizing the role of the holy Quran in a child’s life and developing the sense of pride for being a Muslim.

2- Encouraging children to learn and gain proficiency of Quran reciting and tajweed since childhood.

3- Discovering and highlighting the talent of distinguished voices in Quran reciting.

Distinguished orphan’s award:

The goal of the competition:

To discover the talented orphans to be supported; hence, their skills will receive the interest through various programs, training courses and developing plans. It is worth mentioning that the required distinction is meant through realizing the fact that the orphan should posses various talents and skills besides being distinguished in the academic performance; in addition to have good morals and behave properly with family, friends and supervisors.

Distinguished supervisor award:

The goal of the award:

The award aims to pay attention to orphans’ supervisor and upgrade the standards of performance, creativity and proficiency in the domain of supervising and following up the orphans. Add to this, it enhances entrepreneurship, innovation and excellence in supporting orphans and dealing with them besides designing the encouraging environment and circumstances that promote orphan’s personality.

A project for orphans:

A project or an educational or social achievement that targets orphans’ sector executed by an administrative team and supervisors in the field offices in a way that meets an educational or social need or that solves a problem.

Goals of the competition:

1- Excellence and innovation are to be the characteristics of the offered to the orphans in relation to the educational, social, cultural, intellectual, religious aspects as well as sports and various skills.

2- Dissemination of distinguished projects to all offices to ensure that benefit of such quality programs will prevail.

Participants’ evaluation in creative spaces competition 2010


Field: literary creativity (short pictorial story for children):

First rank: Ammar Ibrahim Abu-Ajameia - Jordan.

Second rank: Azhar salman Khalil Mustafa – Jordan.

Third rank: Braa’h Jamal el-Dain Yunis Saleh – Jordan.


Field: artistic creativity (drawing competition):

First rank: Samra’ Bighetsh – Bosnia.

Second rank: Loa’triama Anwar Skofi- Kosovo.

Third rank: Tshasm Anwar Skovi- Kosovo.


Field: vocal- creativity (most pleasant voice in singing):

First rank: Adolinda Rahman Islami- Kosovo.

Second rank: Ahmad Tag el sir Muhammad – Sudan.

Third rank: Adina Baqtebek Qeze- Kyrgyz.


Field: Media- creativity (promising trainer program):

First rank: Braa’h Nu’man Fua’d- Jordan.

Second rank: Mamdu Burama San- Senegal.


Field: Holy Quran memorization award (15 chapters):

First rank: Ndumbi Muda Khuma- Senegal.

Second rank: Muhammad Omar Ahmad Omar- Jordan.


Field: Holy Quran memorization award (20 chapters):

First rank: Um Omarah Ahmad Fal- Senegal.

Second rank: sheikh Saleh Babker- Senegal.

Third rank: Jubair Yousef Sar- Senegal.


Field: distinguished orphan’s award:

First rank: Hadeel Ahmad Muhammad- Jordan.

Second rank: Arita Blatsa- Kosovo.

Third rank: Malak Muhammad Hindi- Lebanon.


Field: Distinguished supervisor award

First rank: Huda Khalil Awad Qasim- Sudan.

Second rank: Bilal Ahmad An’am Amer- Jordan.

Third rank: Jumana Hasan Abu- Na’sah- Lebanon.


Field: distinctive project (a competition for orphans)

A consolation prize: work team of Jordan.