Surplus food

Project description:

Collecting and distributing the food that exceeds the banquets of weddings, parties, restaurants, and hotels in order to serve the poor families registered in the lists of HAI relief department through an organized program.

Goals of the project:

  • Fulfilling the need of the poor families.
  • Applying the convention of social solidarity.

HAI role underlined locally…

  • To derive benefit from surplus food in an organized manner so as to support abstinent families.
  • To contribute in alleviating poor families’ endurance concerning expenditures.
  • To contribute in saving them the financial burden.
  • To enlighten people concerning wasting attitudes that can be substituted with charitable activities.

Target sectors…

More than 2250 poor families registered in HAI statements; in addition to the abstinent families recognized through referees of cooperating communities’ deputies.

Fields of project…

The UAE; it prevails all the Emirati states where HAI offices are scattered in all the states approximately.

Target areas of projects…

  • Big public halls where parties and occasions take place.
  • Halls of charitable societies where parties are arranged.
  • Halls of big hotels where parties are organized.
  • Clubs, meetings, and homes where parties and occasions are arranged.

The first stage of surplus food collection starts by:

  1. Concluding an agreement with the manager of parties’ halls and getting its schedule.
  2.  Having the consent of the occasion’s organizers to receive the surplus food of their banquets to be distributed on the poor.
  3. Being present at the kitchens of the hall at nine o’clock p.m.
  4. Receiving the surplus of banquets after the invitees finish their dinner of the main dishes: rice, Biryani, Salouna, Macaroni; it should be taken into consideration that the food is clean and not approached.
  5. Distributing food in metal pots according to its brands.
  6. Saving the pots in the cooled car ascribed for surplus food plan to ensure food safety.

Second stage:

Food is distributed amongst the poor through various ways:

  1. Distributing metal pots on workers dormitories and poor neighborhoods and others in need.
  2. Sharing food out in small metal pots preserved in refrigerators at HAI stores to be distributed on poor families.

Surplus food achievements for 2008… in figures:

Month Number of beneficiaries
Total 22071

Surplus food achievements for 2009… in figures:

Month Number of beneficiaries
Total 27982